Love Story 

Well life has some crazy hairpin corners and this love story is no different.

Jacob and Sarah first met in Tasmania, where they were introduced by Sarah's younger brother. The teasing and banter was quick to evolve, but having both come out of less than ideal relationships, neither imagined what their future together would be.

If you asked her, she'd say that it was so nice to have a good looking guy to show her around town. If you asked him, he'd say it was love at first sight - for her ;P

Although they had lots of fun together, it wasn't always smooth sailing to begin with. 
Sarah was travelling to Launceston to study three days a week, and Jacob was working long hours and late nights at a cheese factory
(which he absolutely loathed).

Eventually it drove him to move away and find better and more promising and engaging work in Darwin. Sarah unfortunately had to stay where she was and continue her studies, which eventually lead to hard times.

We can quickly sum up this sad chapter with a quote from our usually stoic groom.

"Without being away from you for so long, I would have never truly known what I had and what I lost. Our distance showed me how much I really love you."

~ Awwww, isn't he cute ~

Needless to say their reunion was sweet, and they quickly settled into their life together in Darwin, both much happier together than apart. And so their love grew and evolved and became something pretty damn special.


It is an amazing thing to have someone in your life that you know you want to be with forever. Our happy couple both knew that they were the best parts of each other, but while Sarah was cherishing the easy and joyful life of having Jacob around, he was planning his strategy to make it more permanent. 

Enlisting the help of a few close friends and doing a bit of detective work he picked the perfect ring and planned a sweet way to pop the question.

After a few unexpected and agonising delays (that Sarah was totally oblivious to) Jacob plucked up his courage and took her to a beautiful secluded spot where they could watch the sun go down behind the city scape, on the premise of a little alone time before a busy long weekend. He was the perfect (although nervous) gentleman dancing with her to one of their favourite songs before getting down on one knee and taking her completely by surprise. A fact punctuated by her response of "are you serious!". Then of course after the shock passed she said "YES" and it was the happiest day of her life...

Now its nearly time for the next chapter. 

They're heading back to where it all began.

Where they first climbed mountains, and bogged cars together.
Where they first fell for each other, by a bonfire, under the star filled sky.


They are so excited to celebrate with the people they love.


That's YOU!